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Free Music for YouTube Videos

Free Music for Your YouTube Videos

Stop the video editing blues! It always takes effort to find the perfect soundtrack for your YouTube videos. PureSounds is here to set you free. We offer you a vast library of free music for YouTube. We are curated explicitly for creators like you. No more scrambling for music, worrying about claims, or sacrificing creative freedom.

Rule YouTube with Royalty-Free Rage

PureSounds isn’t just a music library. It’s a revolution against audio blandness and a victory cry for creators like you. We’re talking thousands of free music for YouTube. This music will kick your YouTube videos into overdrive. All are hand-picked by music mavens who understand the creator’s struggle.

PureSounds: Free YouTube Music that Rocks

Introducing PureSounds, your one-stop platform of free music for YouTube. We have:

  • Thousands of tracks: We’ve got an expansive collection of high-quality music in every genre. We offer you from uplifting EDM to cinematic scores, playful chiptune, and calming background beats.
  • Copyright-free and Youtube-friendly: Download any track confidently. You won’t face copyright strikes or demonetization. We handle all the licensing. So you can focus on creating fantastic content.
  • Effortless browsing: Use our intuitive search bar to find the perfect soundtrack in seconds. You will get advanced filters by genre, mood, and duration. We curated playlists for popular video types.
  • Elevate your content: Take your videos to the next level with professional-sounding. We have music that adds emotion, impact, and engagement. Impress your viewers and leave them wanting more.
  • Join the creator community: Download, like, and share your favourite tracks. Discover music used by other YouTubers. You will get inspired by our blog posts and artist interviews.

Ready to ditch the audio headaches and unlock your creative potential?

PureSounds Start-Up Guide: Free Music for YouTube

  1. Browse our massive music library: Dive into genres. We offer indie pop, epic trailer music, lo-fi hip-hop, and more. Use the search bar or filters. You can find the perfect fit for your video.
  2. Preview and download easily: Listen to short snippets of each track before downloading. It’s quick, simple, and copyright-free!
  3. Add the soundtrack to your YouTube masterpiece: You can edit your video with your chosen music. It’s fully licensed and monetization-safe. Enjoy the peace of mind!
  4. Share your success and join the community: You can share your video with the world. Leave a review of your favourite tracks. It is time to connect with other PureSounds creators.

Don’t settle for generic, royalty-restricted music. It holds you back. Choose PureSounds and unleash the soundtrack to your YouTube success story.

Want to feel like a VIP? Upgrade to a premium plan for even more music and exclusive downloads. We prioritise customer support. Take your YouTube game to the next level!Sign up for a free account today and let the music flow!


  • Is all the music on PureSounds free? No! We have both free and premium music. You can enjoy a vast amount of free music here. As well as we have a premium subscription.
  • Can I monetize my YouTube videos with PureSounds music? Absolutely! All of our music is Youtube-friendly. It won’t lead to demonetization.
  • What happens if I can’t find the music I want? No problem! You can merge or create music as you want with premium plans. 

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